About Us
Perfectenergy (Shanghai) Co., Ltd (short form: PE Shanghai) was founded in July 2005. The head-office is located in the Minhang District of Shanghai. Here you can find the management of the company as well as the production facilities of the group.

Target oriented, PE Shanghai built up a knowledgeable and competent technical team and found its own special way for the development of the products as well as their fabrication.

The production-line of the factory for example was designed by us and the cells for the modules are from our own production, too. So, in comparison with other manufacturers of similar products, PE Shanghai was able to invent very effective methods to fabricate high-quality solar products at reasonable costs. This knowledge enables us to provide solid and reliable business operations – an important factor for every customer.


PE established a very effective quality-control-system to provide a constant quality. For this purpose, we designed our own equipment and methods for the essential steps of production and the following checks.

PE is constantly evolving. Because of the international linkage of PE – especially with the USA and Europe – we are always well-informed about the latest trends in technical development and we are always able to adopt helpful suggestions, just as other companies adopt innovative ideas developed by us.